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Free Places to Self-Publish

Are you wondering how to get your manuscript out there to the public once editing and formatting are complete? Look no further! Here is a

Editing before Publishing

There’s nothing like being able to unload all your thoughts or feelings onto a manuscript, and see it published and recognised as one of the

Why You Need Copy Editing

Once you have written your eBook, you don’t want to publish it without first polishing the draft manuscript. Even the best books can be spoiled

What is eBook Formatting?

What is eBook formatting? Well, first of all, before we move on to eBook formatting, an e-book is quite simply an electronic, or digital book.

Why Convert to eBook

Deciding whether or not to convert to ebook the work that you have completed for publishing is a serious decision. Not everyone is willing to

What Is an eBook Formatting Service?

When publishing an eBook through Amazon, there’s an extensive list of requirements and standards that need to be met in order for your book to

How to Pick a Pen Name

What do Anne Rice, Mark Twain, and Ayn Rand all have in common? They are all pen names. We are all exposed to works written

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