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Ebook Conversion Service

Send us your manuscript in any format (Word, PDF, Pages, etc). Our specialists will produce a high quality Kindle file.

You will love our service. We do all the hard work. Just send us the file and your book will be ready to sell within 48h!

  • Immediately accepted by Amazon or it's free!
  • 48 hours turnaround time, often less than 24 hours.
  • Clickable Table of Contents
  • Free Epub version for Smashwords.

Kindle Conversion

  • eBook Conversion

    Need a cover?

    Our team of graphic designers can create for FREE a simple cover using royalty free images.

  • eBook Conversion Services


    All payments are processed on Paypal's encrypted transactional site. Paypal is the World leader in internet payments.

  • W2K Conversion Services

    Our customers love us

    Read our customers testimonials. Most customers are surprised by how fast we can produce good looking and functional Kindle formatting.

  • Word 2 Kindle - Conversion Services

    2 business day turnaround

    We will start working on your project as soon as we get your Word file. We often can produce results within 24h! Projects requiring us to design a cover may take longer.


    • Thanks so much. What a great job you did! I will recommend you to my friends.

      Sue Anne Dunlevie, Author of Stress Management Decoded
    • Looks great! You really know what you're doing.

      Michael R. Van Vlymen, Author of How To See In The Spirit
    • Great Service, Great Pricing Versus Competitors, Had My Ebook Up On Kindle In 2 Days. Thanks So Much

      Jim O'hare, Author of It's Your Territory - Manage It Like It's Your Own Company
    • Thank you so much! The book looks great! I have told friends about your service, hopefully they will contact and use the service

      Michelle Lowe Davis, Author of Sebastian's Dreams
    • Word-2-Kindle was a integral part in getting my 2nd book Framer into publication as it's formatting was pretty problematic. They saved my book and can certainly do it for yours as well....highly recommended!

      Ben Abix Framer
    • Word2Kindle did my ebook of poetry. Fast, efficient, intelligent, low cost, and good. What planet are they from?

      Bill Eberle SPIRIT OF FIRE
    • If there was a word which says better than excellent, I?d use it to describe both Nick Caya AND Word-2-Kindle.

      Cheap Eddie Eat Free Live Rent Free in New York
    • W2K has always provided me with quality ebook formatting at reasonable prices for both kindle and Smashwords formats.

      Rick Chesler OUTCAST Ops series
    • W2K made the process very simple and did an excellent job - they have made numerous revisions at my request and make them promptly and free of charge - they also have kept me informed of other available services - I will have another book due out soon and plan on doing business with them again - thank you W2K

      S.M. Dyer Galeon
    • The guys and gals at Word-2-Kindle did a good job on my book and, despite much proof-reading, correction, proof-read etc., took it all in their stride and produced a good job. Not necessarily cheap but excellent value for money.

      Tom Hunn Not A Bad Life
    • Word2Kindle is awesome! They do great work converting your books to Kindle, but that's not all! They also have other features, like creative artist to make covers for you work. I highly, highly recommended their service! Oh yeah, they're nice and timely too. Check em out!

      Michelle Davis Katie Kay Plays Lady for a Day
    • As good as advertised. The book was formatted properly and quickly accepted by Amazon in a matter of days. I'll be sending in another one soon.

      Gordon Mack The Assassination File
    • My experience with W2K was outstanding. The service was professional, efficient and timely. I was very pleased with the quality and outcome of my Kindle Book!

      Michael Bethune 8 Steps to Getting Unstuck in Life & Unto the Least of These
    • The first time that i used Word to Kindle i took a chance as it was the first time that i had used the company to convert my book but i need not have worried because they did such a fab job that i used them again for my next book. I will be using them again on my next piece of work. Very happy :o)

      Shane McMinn Unlocking a gift : from psychic to medium to channel
    • You will be extremely happy with the work these guys do! This is a sure thing!

      Sally How To Raise The Next President
    • Thank you guys for not only the excellent product you provided, but for your first-rate customer service as well. Will definitely be using you again and again!

      Jay W. Foreman Bad Medicine
    • Very professional,fast and reliable. I will recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you.

      Alexandra Alexandru Beyond the State
    • When looking for someone to convert my friends manuscripts I found Nick at word2kindle. The first thing I did was check the reviews and saw that everyone really liked their service, price and quick turnaround. I then decided to try W2K and so glad I did. Not only did the team turn my file around quickly but it looked awesome. They also worked very closely with me being new to the whole process and answered all my questions. Do yourself a favor and don't look any further! The team at W2K is awesome!

      Ken D From Homeless to Heaven
    • Nick Cara did a good job in editing and formatting my novel for publication. I would recommend this agency to anyone who is in need of the services they offer. They are dependable and produce quality output that meets the requirements of their clients. Book Cover is available on request.

      . E. Wayne Courtney Devon's Niche - The Shorebird Professor
    • is very professional with their work. Their prices are reasonable for any writer. I highly recommend them.

      Vaundre' McGough Street Dreamz
    • In an effort to publish my book, I wanted the Kindle e-book version also. My book has print and pictures with drawings. I had attempted numerous on line free downloads to convert my own e-book with the same results -Nothing, lost hours of unproductive work and not to mention frustration. On December 14, 2014, I contacted Nick Caya with Amazon Kindle. I received an immediate response with clear and concise instruction for my word manuscript to be converted to the e-book format. He was prompt and efficient. All fees were clearly outlined for the services. On December 22, 2014, I received the message: ""Your eBook is already completed, please click here to download the files"". This was the best Christmas present ever. Dealing with Nick was simple and he was helpful. This is my first e-book and I am thrilled with the speedy and courteous service that also provides professional workmanship. This is especially appreciated by me since I am not a computer whiz. My book has been successful and each month I receive feedback to the number of books shared, read and purchased. It is an enjoyable and rewarding way to observe my words 'out there on the world wide web'. I live in a rural community that is isolated from industry and it is a hardship to overcome obstacles to be an author. However, dealing and working with Nick/word2kindle changed all of that for me. He opened the door of opportunity for me to share my book with the world. I highly recommend this to anyone considering an e-book. Great experience!!!

      Author3 The Last Kiss: Saying Goodbye to my son
    • I had hired someone else to format my novel for Kindle. I thought that person knew what they were doing. They did not. After going back and forth over and over and seeing the book still not formatted right, I was desperate. I saw the Word2Kindle ad Online and hired them. They were thoroughly professional and had my book formatted perfectly in a few days. I will use Word2Kindle for my future books. Thanks guys!

      Carlton SPOOK: Confessions of a Psychic Spy
    • When I first contacted word-2-kindle, I had no idea how great they would be! Under the supervision of Nick Caya, his team of "converters" converted my already-in-print book, SNAPS, SCRAPS & SNIPPETS OF THE PAST AND PRESENT, for both Kindle and Nook. I was so happy with their work that I had them format my next book, LIGHT FOR THE BURNING SOUL, for print, Kindle, and Nook. In each case, Nick worked patiently with me to make sure my books were exactly the way I wanted them. I will have no qualms about contacting him for future books.

      Lois J. Funk (1) Snaps, Scraps & Snippets of the Past and Present: How to Retrieve the Lost Pictures of Your Past; (2) Light for the Burning Soul: Sparks, Flames, and Embers
    • Nick Caya - aka 'Word 2' is the best contact you will ever make regarding a Microsoft Word written document translated to an Amazon Kindle bookstore-ready presentation to the world! My book - ""Hidden Rulers, Players, & Pawns"" is quite complex with many jpeg diagrams and bold passages. Nick makes it all come to life as it was intended. STOP! This part is done.

      Norden Swann Hidden Rulers, Players, & Pawns
    • Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism in helping to turn my books Lucy Leader and Salvation Jane into paperbacks through Create Space. There were many editorial errors of my own doing which you corrected perfectly for me. I am now delighted with the finished product and hope to use your services again for my next book, All the best, Stan

      Stan Pinnegar Lucy Leader 44 Butterfly Drive; Salvation Jane
    • After searching many other companies to transfer my Word Doc to ebook format there was no question that W2K had both the best price (HALF of the quotes I was receiving from their competitors) and the fastest response to my inquiry. Though the cost was key, the latter is the reason I will use them over and over. Their capable, courteous and efficient customer service answered my follow up questions quickly and clearly. They even helped me with a troubleshooting problem I had opening the Mobi file. I felt like I had a friend on my side helping me. I have and will continue to highly recommend them!!

      Shannon C. Hill Blackheart
    • W2K was great for converting two of my books from print to kindle format. I found their service extremely easy to use. Also, I found the price to be very reasonable, especially compared to industry standards. My books are formatted correctly and now selling on Amazon. Thanks so much! I would recommend this service to others and will be back again.

      Grace Chen Seeking Human Kindness
    • Great work!

      Gilbert Cross, Author of The Drakov Memoranda

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Send your documents

Once your order is placed, follow the instructions on the order confirmation page. If you have any issue you can email support at

We convert your ebook

Once we have your files we will begin the conversion process. Your ebook will be formatted according to Amazon's KDP guidelines. This process is done by hand to create an ebook that will look good on all kindles devices.

Delivery and revisions

Within 24 to 48h you will receive your ebook in Epub and Mobi format. You can review the results by loading the files on a Kindle or by using the Kindle Previewer software. The kindle Previewer is a software that allows you to view on your computer how your ebook would look on the various Kindle devices. We will do any revision you want for free.

Book Cover Design

An eye-catching, professional cover design is one of the most important key to the success of your eBook. Most online retailers will display a very small thumbnail of your cover on their site, it is vital that your cover works well both as a small image and as a bigger traditional cover.

Our book cover design service

Basic Cover Design - FREE with any ebook conversion package. A basic cover is made from stock images with author's name and title information

Premium Cover Design - $99. Premium cover design involves photo manipulation to create an eye-catching cover that really suits your book. Order Now

Print & Ebook Cover Design - $199. This package includes premium custom cover creation with a back and spine for book printing. Order Now

A selection of our recent eBook and print work

Examples of ebook covers and print covers

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