Book Editing Costs Less Than You Think

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What does Professional Book Editing Cost?

Quality book editing costs do not come cheap, but it’s an investment in your book’s success. Expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on your book’s length and the level of editing required. But don’t let sticker shock scare you off. Several factors influence the cost of professional editing: – The length of your manuscript – The type of editing needed (developmental, line editing, copy editing, or proofreading) – The editor’s experience and qualifications – The project’s turnaround time A longer book will cost more to edit than a shorter one. And a comprehensive developmental edit will be pricier than a basic proofread.

Average rates for different types of editing

Here at Word-2-Kindle, a standard Novel under 400 pages or a short non-fiction book upto 60 pages costs as little as $49. A childrens book or a cook-book upt 100 pages starts at $99. Complex novels upto 400 pages cost between 50c-$1 per page. These are just ballpark figures, but they give you a sense of the investment. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a price for your manuscript.

Budgeting for professional editing

Start saving for editing early in your writing process. Set aside a little each month so you’re not scrambling when it’s time to hire an editor. You can also look for editors who offer payment plans or bundle deals for multiple services. Some editors provide a sample edit so you can get a feel for their style and decide if they’re a good fit before committing. Remember, investing in professional editing shows you’re serious about your writing career. It’s a cost of doing business, just like a website or business cards.

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