The Importance of Cover Art for Your eBook

Vision is one of the ways in which we process information. Through our sense of sight, our eyes are the tools that capture our surroundings, relaying every detail on their path to the brain, for interpretation. Depending on what we see, our emotions can be triggered in various ways; we can be happy, sad, furious, or even simply confused by what we see. What we see can also cause us to react accordingly, and that’s the reason why graphic art is such a great marketing tool.

Think about it. Every good song has a great video accompanying it. Restaurants have menus contain stunning pictures of their best food. Every marketing campaign involves a TV ad showing the product they are selling. The list goes on.

It is so, as well, when it comes to publishing your ebook. After all the hard work put into it, writing and editing to excellence, it only makes enough sense to have an equally amazing cover art complement it. This is so because the work doesn’t stop once you publish. Promoting your book becomes the next step. You have to put the word out. You have to reach as many people as possible. And since it’s very hard to capture people’s attention, a marvellous piece of artwork could very well be the most crucial part of your ebook to attract buyers.

Cover art is the visual representation of your thoughts and expressions. It gives the first impression of your story. It is your whole book in one picture. It captures the eye and easily grabs the attention of a potential buyer. It sparks curiosity, making an individual want to open the book and see what’s inside.

Below are 3 important things to consider when working on your ebook cover artwork:

1: The important components of the artwork (background, image and color) have to mean something related to the content of the book, according to its genre.

2: The artwork can be simple, or complex. But, again, it has to match the book’s content, context and also mood.

3: It has to be of standard high resolution quality.

Great artwork however, requires great graphic designers who pay attention to the details of your book, ensuring the best quality of image, and the right standard shape and size required by the digital platforms on which you’ll publish your ebook.

You can find such at W2K ( We’ll be happy to work with you to get the best cover to your satisfaction.




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