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How to Print a Kindle eBook

Congratulations, you’ve published your eBook on Amazon! But do you know how to print a Kindle ebook? You don’t have to stop at digital copies.

Top 5 Romance Book Bloggers

In recent years, the ‘guest blog’, even for romance book bloggers, has become a powerful and often free tool to promote books. Contacting niche Romance

How to Become a Beta Reader

Whether your interest in this article was sparked by finding out what a beta reader actually is, or you already have some idea and you’re

How to Create an eBook in Word

If you are wondering how to create an eBook in Word then you have come to the right place! Most eBooks use three basic formats:

How to Get a Book Review?

Book reviews are an essential part of promoting your book, drawing in potential readers, and increasing your success of selling any future books that you

How To Write A Successful E-Book

Writing for a living can be both exciting and daunting. Knowing upfront what some of the common pitfalls are, can save a lot of time,

Are You Ready for the Self-Publishing Revolution?

Self-publishing is not the same as the so-called ‘vanity’ publishing, and it has come a long way since the early days of Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain, James Joyce, and William Blake. Or more recently, Jennifer Wilson, Amanda Hocking, and Andy Weir. It is now understood to be a perfectly respectable way to get your book into the marketplace.

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