Why Convert to eBook

Deciding whether or not to convert to ebook the work that you have completed for publishing is a serious decision. Not everyone is willing to go through the process, mostly because they don’t understand what an ebook can do for the availability of their work, or because they still have a strong dream of being traditionally published.

No matter where you are in your stage of publishing, the sooner you understand the benefits of having your work available in ebook format the better.

Why Convert to eBook?

For a start, because your work will be available to the masses more easily. eBooks are extremely popular all over the world, with Kindle taking over the volume of eBooks as a reading platform. This means that if your book is available on Kindle, it will instantly be easier for people to find it and enjoy it.

And on your end, it means that the number of people who will get to read your work will be much larger, which is definitely what you want if your dream is to become a famous writer. But is this something that you can do on your own?

Can You Convert to eBook on Your Own?

You can most certainly try, but it is very unlikely that completing a convert to eBook on your own will be successful. And there are many reasons why this is true.

  1. In order to successfully convert your work into eBook format, it is not as simple as simply putting your Word document through a converter.
  2. There are specific formatting strategies and rules that need to be taken into account, otherwise, your work will look really strange in eBook format.
  3. You also need to have the right software that will be able to test your work on different reading applications to make sure that everyone can read your work with ease.
  4. It takes a long time. Testing and retesting, as well as formatting your work takes hours of time, and even longer if this is something that you do not do on a regular basis.
  5. This is why Word 2 Kindle does the entire process for you from start to finish.

What Does a Professional eBook Conversion Service Do for You?

The short answer is – everything.

A professional book formatting service has an entire team of professionals who work every day on making sure that written work is prepared and formatted to absolute perfection for any eBook reading platform.

On your end, all you have to do is simply submit your manuscript when you feel that it has reached a point where you think it is complete. As soon as you do this, the professionals will immediately take over and prepare your work for eBook publishing.

This will include first sending your writing to professional editors, who will make sure that your work has reached the highest level possible of writing and that there are no errors that you may have missed along the way. When we read our own work many times, we often learn it almost by heart, which is why it is difficult for us to see minor errors on our own.

Once this team is done, then it is time to send your manuscript to the professional conversion team, who will ensure that your manuscript is ready for all reading platforms.

When this is done, your manuscript is ready for eBook publishing. This is why it is so important that you get a professional team to work on your manuscript and that you do not do this on your own.

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