Why e-Book Publishing Rocks – 4 reasons to publish digitally

Many people, especially those who grew up before e-book publishing exploded, absolutely love books. They have special attachments to them; the smell of the pages, the feel of the cover and the pages, and also a sense of pride that comes from the visual stimulation they get when they look at their collection on a shelf. As much as it’s always hard to adapt to new things, there is no argument that e-books, just like any other product or service that has been digitised, are convenient in so many ways, including the following:

1: Lightweight:

First of all, they are extremely easy to carry, with the least amount of effort possible, if any. Since a whole digital book can fit easily on your device, just like any other file or app, why hustle with that extra weight in your bag or backpack, or keep rearranging your shelves to make room for every new book you buy? With digital books, you can buy and store as many as you like. Online storage is there to cover you.

2: Online storage:

With online storage, losing your device wouldn’t be a problem as far as your e-books are concerned. Ok, it’s never a pleasant experience to lose something as valuable as a phone, computer or any other gadget; you’d have to spend money to get a new one, and have to spend time reinstalling your apps. On the brighter side however, you’d still be able to access your books. This beats losing your hard copy under various circumstances, the worst being lending it to someone who doesn’t return it 😡, and you forgetting who that ‘someone’ is.

3: Healthy Habits:

Because of the convenience of carrying e-books around, they can be such a great way to use your phone or device in a healthier and more nurturing way, as opposed to spending so much time on social media. Especially, when you are commuting or travelling on a bus, train, airplane or car. Or even, waiting for someone at a restaurant or in the park. And also, simply relaxing at home. What makes it even better is how easily you can pick up from the page you left off, by simply clicking open the e-book.

4: Pocket-Friendly:

Last but not least, another advantage of e-books is their friendly prices. In today’s world, with more and more people getting more financially literate, it’s always pleasant for them to be able to buy something of great quality, and with so many advantages, at a low cost. There are online e-book platforms such as Scribd that offer unlimited access to e-books and audiobooks at a monthly subscription fee of only $8. More so, without focusing on your customers only, you, the author, do not have to worry about printing fees when it comes to e-book publishing. On top of that, you get a bigger percentage of the royalties (about 65% on average) you would get if you published your book traditionally.

In conclusion, e-book publishing is a wave that every author, old or new, and reader should learn to ride and enjoy. It’s important to remember that technology is always evolving. Every product or service in the digital world undergoes constant upgrades. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that even e-book publishing will keep on evolving into a better service and experience than it already is, for both author and reader. E-book publishing rocks.

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