Tips for Migrating Your CreateSpace Books to Amazon KDP


Are you ready to migrate your CreateSpace books to Amazon KDP? These expert tips will ensure a smooth transition for you.

The publishing world is constantly evolving. With the recent merger of CreateSpace and Amazon KDP, independent authors may wonder how to migrate their books from one platform to another successfully.

This transition can seem daunting. Thankfully, these essential tips will help you seamlessly shift your CreateSpace books to Amazon KDP without hiccups. This blog post will guide you through every step of the migration process for a stress-free experience.

Key Takeaways

  1. Before migrating, verify and confirm your account information on CreateSpace and Amazon KDP platforms. This will ensure uninterrupted access to book sales data and royalties.
  2. Check for formatting errors in your manuscript after migrating from CreateSpace to Amazon KDP. Pay attention to page numbers, font styles, sizes, and margins.
  3. Use marketing tools available on KDP, such as price promotions and advertising through Amazon Marketing Services, to successfully promote your book.
  4. Authors must check for International Standard Book Number (ISBN) issues. They include distribution pricing discrepancies between the two platforms. Also, the smooth transfer of files ensures platform format compatibility from CreateSpace to the KDP platform.

Steps for Migrating Your Books From CreateSpace To Amazon KDP

Migrating your books from CreateSpace to KDP involves a few key steps. Here’s how to migrate your books to Amazon KDP:

Verify and Confirm Your Accounts

Before migrating your books from CreateSpace to Amazon KDP, verifying and confirming the account information on both platforms is crucial.

Begin by visiting each platform separately. Login to your CreateSpace account first, followed by your Amazon KDP account. Review all personal details such as email addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts, or payment methods associated with these accounts.

Ensure discrepancies are resolved for seamless integration of both platforms during the migration. For added security and peace of mind throughout this transition period, consider enabling two-factor authentication for KDP and CreateSpace logins if needed.

Set Up a New Title on Your KDP Bookshelf

Setting up a new title on your KDP Bookshelf is essential in migrating to Amazon KDP. To begin, log into your KDP account and navigate to the “Bookshelf” tab, where you will find an option to add a new title.

Click on it and select “Paperback” as the format.

For authors who have already published eBooks through KDP, pay particular attention when entering information for print versions of those titles. Consistency across formats is essential for a seamless reader experience and discoverability.

Finally, upload your manuscript file with any relevant images or illustrations, like cover design, that may require adjustments due to differences in printing options between CreateSpace and Amazon KDP.

Essential Tips to Migrate Books from CreateSpace to Amazon KDP

Here are some crucial tips to help you migrate your CreateSpace books to Amazon KDP without hassle.

Check and Fix Formatting Errors

When migrating your CreateSpace books to Amazon KDP, one critical step is checking and fixing any formatting errors.

KDP has its guidelines and requirements for paperback publishing. As such, you may need help with your book’s layout or design after migration.

For instance, pay close attention to elements like page numbers, headers and footers, font style, and margins. These elements could be affected by different specifications between the two platforms.

Feel free to refer back to Amazon KDP’s guidelines on formatting when making adjustments or corrections. You can also use a service like Word-2-Kindle for a professional outcome. Remember that these modifications can significantly enhance your book’s professional appearance while improving readability for potential customers. Update Book Details And Pricing

Update Book Details and Pricing

Another critical tip when migrating your books is updating book details and pricing. This involves entering the same metadata used for your CreateSpace books on the Paperback Details page, such as title, author name, description, and categories.

It’s also essential to set the right price for your book based on factors like production cost, market demand, and competition. Remember that KDP offers different royalty rates depending on your chosen price range.

For example, a $2.99 ebook earns a 70% royalty, while a $9.99 ebook earns only 35%.

Promote Your Book on KDP

One essential tip for migrating your books from CreateSpace to KDP is promoting your book using various marketing tools. KDP allows authors to run price promotions and advertise their books through Amazon Marketing Services.

You can also use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to promote your book and connect with readers through online forums and author groups.

It’s important to note that promotion should be an ongoing effort in self-publishing. Not just a one-time event. Stay engaged with your audience by regularly posting updates about your writing process or offering exclusive content like sneak peeks at upcoming releases or behind-the-scenes footage.

Monitor Your Sales and Royalties

One of the most exciting parts of self-publishing your book on Amazon KDP is seeing your sales and royalties grow over time. Monitoring your sales performance regularly is essential to ensure you’re making the most out of your book.

You can do this through the Author Dashboard section on KDP.

By watching these statistics, you can adjust pricing strategies or promotions accordingly and fine-tune marketing efforts with a better understanding of what works best for your readership.

Also, royalties may take some time to appear in your account due to payment schedules and minimum thresholds set by Amazon.

Common Challenges and Solutions

During migration, you may face several challenges. Here are a few challenges and possible solutions:

ISBN And Copyright Issues

One of the most crucial aspects of migrating from CreateSpace to KDP is ensuring that your ISBN and copyright information are in order. When transferring your book, enter the correct ISBN for print and eBook versions before publishing on KDP.

This will ensure clarity around ownership and distribution rights later on. Additionally, if you have a copyright page in your book, update it for any changes in ownership. This ensures that your work is protected under the law.

Distribution and Pricing Discrepancies

Authors must note that transferring books from CreateSpace to KDP can sometimes cause distribution and pricing discrepancies. This can happen because the two platforms operate differently regarding book distribution and pricing.

One way to mitigate this issue is using Amazon’s Price Matching tool. This platform allows you to compare your book prices on various channels and adjust them accordingly.

Platform and Format Compatibility

Authors must ensure their books are compatible with the KDP platform before migrating them from CreateSpace. This includes checking the format of their files, ensuring that they meet Amazon’s formatting guidelines, and making any necessary adjustments to the cover design.

Authors should also consider how their books appear on e-readers or tablets. They should test their book files on multiple devices to ensure they display correctly and all elements such as images or special fonts are viewable without issues.


Migrating your CreateSpace books to Amazon KDP can seem daunting. However, with the right tips, it can be a smooth transition. With the merger of CreateSpace and KDP promising a more streamlined self-publishing process for authors in the future, now is the time to take action to ensure that your books are successfully migrated to KDP.

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