The Cost of Publishing an E-Book – What You Need To Invest In

We live in a world where every great thing comes at a price. Quite a number of products and services are offered by companies or individuals, for a fee. People possess various skills that make them sought after, because they are valuable. Every one needs one thing or another, and is willing to pay for it. Whenever we want something of value, we invest in it. The same goes when it comes to e-book publishing. Unless you want to start offering a publishing service yourself, here are some of the services to invest in if you were to publish an e-book:

1: Writing services

Some people think, “I want to be an author, but I don’t have professional writing skills.” Maybe you do too. Maybe you think that it’s not for you, despite dreaming about it all the time. Well, how about this truth…You absolutely do not need to be a writer to be an author, most especially if we’re talking about non-fiction books. Some of your favourite authors most likely invest/ed in a service known as ghostwriting. This is a service offered by a ghostwriter; a professional writer who puts your voice and thoughts to paper for you.

2: Editing

Editing is a crucial part of the success of your e-book. Readers want to enjoy reading. They want to learn from it. They want to be informed. And, components such as poorly structured books, badly constructed sentences, bad grammar and typos can make them lose interest in a heartbeat. Publishing an e-book would then be a waste of time, energy and money if it ends up getting bad reviews, leading to no sales. Therefore, developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading services must be budgeted for.

3: Graphic/Cover Art Design

When you go on Amazon to shop for books, what is the first thing you see, besides the title you’re looking for? That’s right, the cover. The cover is the visual representation of the tens of thousands of the written words in the book. It is the image that gives you a glimpse of what to expect when you open the book. And so, on your way to publishing your e-book, it’s also important to keep in mind the cover art. To ensure the best design and high resolution quality of your cover art, a professional graphic designer is definitely needed.

4: Book Formatting & Conversion

For your book to be published online, your final manuscript has to be formatted to fit the standards that the major online publishers demand. Also, it has to be converted from either word, pages, pdf format, etc, to the publishers’ required formats such as EPUB and MOBI. Every detail matters when it comes to e-book formatting and conversion, and has to be tackled for your book to be accepted. That’s why it would be best you have professionals do it for you.

5: Book Scanning

Great books are timeless. They contain relevant information and wisdom that can carry through generations. However, it gets tricky when new adaptations like technology take over. The internet has become your one-stop for everything you need, and the newer generations prefer e-books to traditionally printed ones. However, book scanning is also available to transform books from printed to digital format.

There is a reason why there are companies that offer such services. They are here to bridge a gap between the author and the rest of the world. They are here to provide a solution to your publishing needs. So, if you’re an author, with so many books inside of you yet to be published, consider our best and fastest e-book editing, formatting, conversion and scanning services at very affordable prices, here at W2K.

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