How to Publish Your Audiobook on Amazon KDP


Are you looking to expand your self-publishing portfolio? Look no further than publishing your audiobook on Amazon KDP. Learn the essential steps and best practices to maximize sales potential.

Audiobooks have become crucial for authors to reach wider audiences and increase earnings. With Amazon’s KDP eBook market share of around 68% in the US, it’s no wonder that independent authors are also eager to publish audiobooks on this platform.

Navigating through the process might seem daunting at first, but fear not. In this blog post, we’ll break down essential steps and best practices to successfully publish your audiobook on Amazon KDP while maximizing its sales potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating and selling audiobooks through ACX is a popular choice for many independent authors as it provides a user-friendly platform to produce and distribute their works efficiently.
  • As a self-published author, retaining ownership rights to your audiobook is crucial for maintaining control over the distribution and monetization of your work.
  • Professional narration is essential for producing high-quality audio. Therefore, hiring an experienced narrator who can bring your story to life using different voices and inflections will significantly enhance the listener’s experience.

Publishing Your Audiobook Directly on Amazon KDP

To publish your audiobook on Amazon KDP, you must follow these requirements and steps:

  • Create an Amazon KDP account if you don’t already have one.
  • Navigate to your bookshelf and click “Add new title.”
  • Select the audiobook format and enter the required metadata such as title, author name, description, keywords, and categories.
  • Upload your audiobook files in MP3 format with a bit rate between 96 and 192 kbps.
  • Choose the territories where you want to sell your audiobook.
  • Set the price of your audiobook based on Amazon’s pricing guidelines.
  • Enter copyright information and narrator details for attribution purposes.
  • Preview your audiobook to ensure it meets the required standards.
  • Click “Publish” to submit your book for review.

By following these steps, independent authors can easily publish their audiobooks on Amazon KDP for wider distribution opportunities and increased visibility in the audiobook market.

How to Create And Sell Audiobooks Through ACX

Creating and selling audiobooks through audiobook creation exchange(ACX) is a popular choice for many independent authors as it provides a user-friendly platform to efficiently produce and distribute their works. Here’s how to do so:

  • Sign up for an ACX account: Visit the platform and register using your Amazon account credentials, allowing you to manage your eBook and audiobook publishing process in one place.
  • Claim your book: Search for your eBook on ACX, claim it as your own, and create a new title by providing a book description and genre.
  • Choose the production method: Decide whether to narrate the audiobook yourself or hire a professional narrator, considering cost, time constraints, and vocal quality.
  • Create an audition script: Prepare a sample of your manuscript to showcase the tone, style, and pace you want for your audiobook narration.
  • Post a project: List your project on ACX with all required details, including compensation structure (royalty share or pay per finished hour), desired accents or vocal styles, deadlines, and other specific requirements.
  • Select a narrator: Review auditions submitted by potential narrators based on their samples and select the one that best suits your vision for the audiobook.
  • Finalize production details: Communicate with your chosen narrator about any specific expectations or directions before they begin recording the entire manuscript.
  • Review completed narration: Once recorded, listen carefully to the entire audio file ensuring proper pronunciation, pacing, tone consistency, and overall quality meets standards set by Audible/ACX guidelines.
  • Edit and master audio files: Work with a sound engineer or use software programs like Audacity to clean up background noise and normalize volume levels across chapters or sections of the content while adhering to submission requirements laid out by ACX when submitting audiobooks for review.
  • Submit finalized audio files for approval: Upload the finished audiobook to ACX following their specified formatting requirements, and send it for review and distribution.
  • Set your price and distribution options: Choose exclusive or non-exclusive options based on your desired exposure, platform preferences, and royalty percentages.
  • Promote your audiobook: Utilize various marketing strategies such as social media, email campaigns, or paid advertising to generate awareness of your new audio release among readers interested in purchasing it.

Ownership Rights for Self-Published Authors

As a self-published author, retaining ownership rights to your audiobook is crucial for maintaining control over the distribution and monetization of your work. Unlike traditional publishing arrangements that often require you to relinquish some or all of your rights, self-publishing through platforms like Amazon KDP ensures you maintain full ownership.

For example, if you decide later on to create print or eBook versions of your title – which can also be released through Amazon KDP – having full ownership allows seamless integration between different formats.

Moreover, owning exclusive distribution territory rights enables authors to manage international sales more effectively by targeting specific markets based on their target audience’s preferences and demands.

Selecting Territories for Distribution

As an independent author looking to publish your audiobook on Amazon KDP, it’s essential to consider the territories where you have the rights to distribute your work. Selecting distribution territories is crucial in maximizing your reach and potential sales.

For example, if you hold worldwide exclusive rights, make your work available in all countries listed on Amazon KDP or ACX platforms. On the other hand, if you’ve granted specific territorial rights to another publisher or distributor, ensure that you exclude those regions when setting up distribution options through KDP or ACX.

This way, you avoid conflicts of interest while reaching a broader audience within your designated markets.

Entering Copyright and Narrator Details

Once you’ve completed your audiobook production, it’s time to enter copyright and narrator details as part of the publishing process. Understanding copyright law and intellectual property rights ensures everything is above board.

Amazon KDP provides an easy-to-use interface where you can manage all the legal information related to your work.

In addition, when entering narrator details on Amazon KDP or ACX, consider providing some background information about them to give potential listeners an idea of who they’ll be listening to.

Also, mention any other notable works they’ve narrated or their experience in the industry.

Setting Price and Distribution Options

Once your audiobook is ready to publish, it’s time to set a price and choose your distribution options on Amazon KDP. When setting the price, you want to ensure it is competitive with other audiobooks in the market while still earning you a fair royalty.

You can also select your desired distribution options, such as whether or not to make your audiobook available through Audible or just on Amazon KDP. Choosing non-exclusive distribution allows you to sell your audiobook through other channels, giving you more revenue opportunities.

Finally, check requirements like file size limits or formatting guidelines before publishing on KDP. Consider experts like Word-2-Kindle for the best formatting outcome.

Optimize for Search With Correct Categories and Keywords

To maximize the visibility of your audiobook on Amazon KDP, it’s crucial to optimize for search with the correct categories and keywords.

For example, if you’ve written a mystery novel set in a small town, make sure to choose “Mystery” as the primary category and “Small Towns” or “Cozy Mysteries” as subcategories.

It’s important to note that choosing irrelevant categories or stuffing your metadata with too many unrelated keywords can affect the credibility of your book and lead to poor reviews.

Research popular categories within your genre and select those that best represent your audiobook.


Publishing your audiobook on Amazon KDP can open a new market for independent authors. With the right tools and knowledge, it’s easier than you think. Remember to select the territories where you own the rights to publish and distribute your audiobook before uploading it onto KDP.

Follow all submission requirements when using ACX, and hire professional narrators for high-quality audio production. Optimize your book’s visibility by using relevant keywords and categories.

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