E-book Publishing for New Authors – Why You Need to Hop on The Digital Train

New authors are on the rise every single day, and digital publishers have opened a door to the industry that’s accessible to anybody. Publishing a book has never been easier than it is now. More than ever, anybody can claim their place and leave their mark in the world of authors now. As vast as it is, it’s a free opportunity that’s available right at the tips of our fingertips. There is no limitation, as opposed to traditional book publishing. That being said, if you are, or have been thinking of sharing your stories, thoughts and opinions with the world, e-book publishing gives you enough reasons to start right away.

Here’s why you need to need to hop onto e-book publishing:

There are various reasons to convince you to publish your first e-book. Below are some of the main ones.

1: E-Book Publishing is affordable:

It can never be stressed enough how financially manageable it is to publish a book online. Since there are print-on-demand services now, you don’t need to print a number of physical copies of your book before you can market it. This makes it easier for you to quickly save up enough money to only cover the costs of getting your e-book ready for publishing; editing, formatting, design, etc. Online publishers such as Amazon KDP give you the platform to publish for free. All you need to ensure is that your e-book meets the necessary requirements.

2: You get a bigger percentage of the royalties:

As an independent author, one of the best things to enjoy is having the bigger piece of the cake that you baked. There’s nothing more unfair than putting in all the hard work; spending months, or even years working on the masterpiece that is your book, and then have a publishing company enjoy more benefits from it than you. With e-book publishing, you can get up to 60% royalties. As long as you market your book well, the reward is pretty handsome.

3: You can publish at any time:

Another great advantage that publishing online brings, is the space to publish at any time you want or need. With traditional publishing houses, numerous first-time or independent authors have had to wait for even years to simply have their manuscripts reviewed and get the green light, or not, to be published. Online, you make the executive decision on when you want to publish.

4: You have the creative freedom:

It is rare to find companies that give you the creative freedom to express yourself as you need to. Of course, there are certain foundations and bases to consider, but your unique creativity can be tailored to fit them perfectly. So as long as your e-book is written and edited well, and it fits the standard quality and formatting requirements, the unique way you express yourself is actually a plus. You will stand out.

5: Your book is easily accessible from anywhere in the world:

Most probably the greatest impact of technology is the worldwide network it has created. With your book published online, your market is vast. It doesn’t matter where anyone is around the world, as long as they have internet connection. The e-book is just one click away.


E-book publishing is the future, and the future is now. With the book publishing industry going online, and e-book services like the ones offered here at W2K being easily accessible and affordable, the only thing left for you to do would be to take full advantage of them and give the world what you have to offer. Hop on!

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