Why Won’t Amazon Accept My eBook?

Getting your eBook published on Amazon is an amazing opportunity for any writer. It puts your eBook in front of millions of potential readers and gives you the opportunity to define your niche and thrive within it.

Admittedly, writing your eBook should be the most difficult part of this process. But unfortunately, this not always the case. Even if you have had eBooks accepted by Amazon in the past, your current title may rejected. And it may be rejected over something small.

Amazon uses an algorithm to check for various things. Some of these things are related to content. For example, this algorithm scans a database of books being sold and will flag submissions that may violate copyright and constitute plagiarism. It is an attempt to not only protect everyone’s intellectual property but it also keeps Amazon safe from potential lawsuits. While frustrating, this is actually a good thing. Given the volume of submissions Amazon receives on a daily basis, it has to be a comfort to know that they are at least trying to protect people’s work.

Unfortunately, this automated system can occasionally reject books based on problems that are not really problems at all. The UK-based horror writer, Graeme Reynolds, saw one of his best selling titles rejected because the system determined that there were too many hyphens. The message he received told him that the number of hyphens “significantly impacts the readability of your book.” It’s unlikely, of course, that the hyphens had any impact on the readability of his book.

Some of the most common reasons for rejection are: your headers are out of order, your cover image is of poor quality, your metadata is incomplete or doesn’t match, you’ve got page numbers on your table of contents, and/or your title isn’t capitalized properly.

Amazon’s list of requirements for publication is lengthy. You can spend time going over it, submit your file converted file, cross your fingers and hope you have hit all the right markers, or you could get someone else to do it for you.

Like we said before, you’ve written the eBook and that should be the most difficult part. To avoid major delays in getting your content out there, and to prevent countless hours of trying to figure out exactly where you went wrong, you should hire someone to do the formatting for you. By hiring a company like Word-2-Kindle, your work could be properly formatted and ready for publication in just 48 hours. They can design for you an eye-catching cover and ensure your eBook will be readable on Kindle, iPad, and Android.

You wrote your eBook because you wanted to get your work out there and make a little money. Why make this process longer than it needs to be?

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